What was it like to be in a storm on a clipper ship in 1855?  Above is a clue:

Young and Beautiful, Determined and Triumphant!

*"The medium clipper Carrier Dove was built by James Abraham of Baltimore in 1855 and, from the moment of her launch, she was hailed as a particularly handsome ship. Owned by Montell & Co of Baltimore, she was registered at 1694 tons and 220 feet long, with a 42 foot beam. She cleared New York on her maiden voyage on 5 October 1855 but ran into a terrific hurricane on 13 October, losing her mainmast as well as her fore and mizzen topmasts. Despite being "a perfect wreck above deck"' Captain Conner decided to continue the passage and she limped into Rio on 9 December. Remaining there for two months for repairs, she eventually continued on her way and docked in San Francisco on 25 April 1856, 98 days out of Rio."

*  From the lot notes of Christie's web page

So from October 13 to December 9 would be almost 2 months (57 days)  in passage to Rio under a jury rig. 

Below are some YouTube links with info about Cape Horn:

.Watch a modern day ship taking on Cape Horn; the cape the Carrier Dove was built to sail.

And here is another:

Dutchy Cape Horn:

Produced by James R Donaldson