Outward bound passengers for Callao,  December of 1857:



Hall, W

Baker, W

Moon, R

Hancock, JS

Lincoln, JS

Howard, C

Chatalain, JS

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I have managed to find a list of outward bound passengers for Caleo which was her next port of call after Melbourne.

We've managed to find two diaries of people that were on this voyage!

This is all thanks to the wonderful contribution from Judy Acaster who is a descendant of one of the immigrants that was on the Carrier Dove.

Above is a picture of ​Sandridge Pier:

Below are a list of passengers that I have found while researching the 1857 voyage to Melbourne.  

The Victoria web site had a great link for a while but the site has since been redone and that link was lost.  It had included the entire passenger list for the voyage from Liverpool.